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Note: All these powers require eye contact.


By spending a mental trait and defeating your target in a Mental challenge you may reduce his Mental Trait Total by 3 for an hour. You may only use this power on a person once per night.
Mind Tricks:
By spending a mental trait and defeating your target in a mental challenge you can cause him to experience horrifying hallucinations. For the next hour he can't initiate mental challenges & is automatically surprised by the first challenge initiated against him. The effects are broken if the victim spends a willpower point. This power can only be used on a person once per hour.


Eyes Of Chaos:
You have sudden insights on odd situations (Storyteller's Discretion). By defeating someone in a static mental challenge you can discover one of his derangement's (Victims choice), alternatively you can spend a Willpower point after winning the challenge to discover the victim's Nature.
By spending a willpower point and defeating your victim in a mental challenge you can send them into a dazed fugue state for an hour. During this time they cannot initiate challenges, form coherent sentences, or remember things for more than minutes at a time. This power works on someone only once a night.


Total Insanity:
By defeating your target in a Social challenge after talking to him about madness and spending a willpower you can bestow five pre - determined derangement's upon them for one hour.

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