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Note: Having Fortitude allows a character to soak Aggravated Damage.


This power gives a Vampire an extra Stamina Trait "Resistant". This trait cannot be bid or lost in a challenge however it does increase your total Physical Traits.
This level of Fortitude gives you Two (2) additional "Healthy" Health levels. These health levels are marked off first when you are injured.


With this power, the Vampire can Soak any damage by winning or tying on their soak test. This includes gunfire, Aggravated damage and falling from great heights.


This level of Fortitude now gives you an extra "Healthy" wound level and allows you to spend one Willpower point to get out of torpor. When this is done you are at "Incapacitated" and can heal normally. This power also allows you to ignore a wound that would have killed you. In order to do so you need to spend Three permanent Physical traits or a permanent Willpower trait and the wound/wounds are ignored, they are shrugged off.

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