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World of Darkness Links

This page will supply you with a list of links to Web Sites of interest and sites that pertain to the game. It will also conect you to other LARP sites for other Live Action games.

Vampire Links

Darkrose Gazette
The Darkrose Gazette keeps you in the know. It is an excellent source of information for Vampires and Live Action games in the U.S. and Canada. Go check them out.

The Role Playing Games Forum
If you are a Role-player you must check out this site. The Forum contains information on games around the country. It is a great resource for Role-playing.

World of Darkness Homepage
If you're looking for information about Vampire: the Masquerade, why not go to the source? These are the people who started it all. Vampire, Werewolf,'s all here.

The Maryland LARP Society has been running a biweekly game in College Park, MD for over 2 years. Since many of our players come from the MD/DC area, we thought we'd include this link. If you're looking for a game in Maryland/DC area, check them out.