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What has Transpired

Over the December 4th weekend Manhattan has turned into a war zone. The Ventrue Justicar has instituted Martial Law. Any Kindred that are not members of the Seven Clans of the Camarilla will be Destroyed if they enter Manhattan. Any Independent clans already in the city will present them selves to the Prince of New York. Failure equals Final Death. The Prince of Manhattan is under investigation by the Ventrue Justicar for Mismanagement of Power as well as the over population of Kindred in the City.

It seems that she was warned of this and she still did not nothing to control the problem. As for the Sabbat, they are no longer staying in the outer boroughs. They have made many attacks into Manhattan. Most recently is in lower Manhattan where five Camarilla Kindred were Destroyed. The Sabbat seems to fight with a renewed Vigor that grows every Night. For now it seems quiet but what else can happen?

As of Friday November 13th 1998 Ventrue Justicar has called a Conclave. Richard Jamison, Archon under the Ventrue Justicar will arbitrate the Conclave. The following Kindred are to be present: The Prince of Jersey City, Robert Strath, The Primogen of Jersey City, The Sheriff of Jersey City, All members of Clan Brujah, and the Regent of the Tremere Chantry.

Failure to present yourselves at the conclave will result in a BloodHunt. Any other Kindred not listed maybe present for the Conclave. It is in the interest of all Camarilla Kindred to be present.

In October the Sabbat raided into Manhattan causing havoc in Harlem. The Camarilla of Manhattan quelled the Sabbat quickly and quietly. However the Camarilla lost several ghouls and younger Kindred were destroyed. Now how they were destroyed is the disturbing part. The Sabbat not only caused fire to rise form the ground, which could be Thaumaturgy, but they also with a mere touch caused the ghouls to wither away into dust.

The Camarilla was ill prepared to fight such foes and now the Prince of New York is rethinking her strategy. Meanwhile the Sabbat has laid low. From time to time they test the borders of the Camarilla but nothing on a large scale. It seems that they are feeling for weak points. The docks around Manhattan have felt the sting of these attacks more then other parts of Manhattan. The Giovanni have held the docks for over one hundred years. Now it seems that their death grip is slipping. If the Sabbat can take the docks then they would have entry into Manhattan at any time, anywhere.

This does not sit well with the Ventrue Justicar. He has sent three Archons plus the ones that are already in Manhattan makes the total seven. It seems that the Camarilla means business and they will take New York City by whatever means necessary.

The Camarilla has total control over Northern New Jersey and Manhattan. The Sabbat control in the Northeast Region has been crushed but not without heavy losses for the Camarilla. In order to insure that the territory that is now held by the Camarilla stays controlled by the Camarilla the Justicars have each sent two Archons to the Tri-state area. The Archons have instituted a form of Martial Law. Any one breaking any of the Six Traditions will be put to Final Death.

The Princes of the cities in the area have been informed that the Archons have the "Final" word in these matters and only these matters. They are to be made welcome when they make themselves know to the powers that be. There is one Archon that was put in charge of this task force. His name is Richard Jamison of Clan Tremere, Archon to the Ventrue Justicar.

He is working with the key members in each of the cities. the area to best use the resources that the Justicars have graced the Tri-State region. As of late the Sabbat have been hitting areas of California, Texas, New Mexico, and Illinois. The Camarilla of the area has taken several areas out of the Sabbat's hands. They have taken Northern New Jersey and most of Upstate New York.

They seem to be on a great crusade of some sort. The Sabbat have taken heavy losses and are steadily being pushed back to their last strong hold, New York City. The Camarilla of Jersey City have held their city and the Sabbat that are left are without guidance. The city is now quiet and the Camarilla has begun to rebuild the damage done by the Sabbat.

Recently the Sabbat has been hitting Manhattan hard. The Prince of Manhattan is now facing a full-scale invasion. The Sabbat are on the war path and they are not going to stop until they have the entire city and then the East Coast. The help she needs might come from the large group of Brujah that have come to New Jersey at the request of the Brujah Primogen of Jersey City, one Marcus Williams. They have been helping the Camarilla forces crush the Sabbat in the area. The Brujah are not the only ones who have large numbers in the area. The Gangrel, Malkavians, and the Toreador seem to have come out of the woodwork. They are all helping remove the Sabbat and make plans to take New York City from the Sabbat.

The Sabbat are preparing to make their last stand in New York City. Since they control the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island it is going to take a very large force months if not longer to remove the Sabbat from the city for good. In general the Sabbat have total control of the city except for Manhattan. They have made the areas they control very unfriendly to non-Sabbat Vampires. The Camarilla will take heavy losses when they make their push. As of late the Sabbat have been fighting a war on two fronts. The first is the Camarilla.

The second is the corruption from within their sect. Infernalism is very common among the Sabbat. They are being destroyed from the inside out. The Infernalists in the sect have sowed the seeds of discord and discontent amongst their fellow Sabbat. As it stands the Sabbat can only win one war. If they lose to the Camarilla they lose their home and the second capital of their Sect. If the Infernalists win the Sabbat will lose their Souls and their fellow brothers and sisters from other areas will hunt them down and kill them for their deeds.

What force will the Sabbat fight? Who will control New York City? We shall see...


Jersey City has been the sight of intense fighting between the Camarilla and the Sabbat. Jersey City, New Jersey is a very strategic position, from Jersey City it is only a five-minute drive into New York City. The sect that controls Jersey City has the ability to take New York. Currently the Sabbat controls four of the five boroughs of the city. The Camarilla controls only Manhattan and the Sabbat test that control nightly.

Sixty-five years ago the Camarilla of Jersey City was in turmoil. The Prince turned out to be sympathizing with the Sabbat and was leading his subjects into oblivion. The Ventrue Primogen at the time, one Robert Strath, took control of the city and led an assault against the Sabbat. He later became Prince and still to this day he fights on to give the Camarilla a decisive victory.

The Sabbat of Jersey City have been racked with constant setbacks. With constant defeat at the hands of the Camarilla and a large influx of Infernalists the Sabbat will lose their hold in the City and the Camarilla will have the ability to invade New York City. The Sabbat leaders have sent very well trained members of the Black Hand to remove all threats to the Sabbat. If this plan fails then New York will fall to the Camarilla, the blow would cripple all Sabbat activity on the East Coast.

The past five months have been very calm. Both sides have secured their territory and prepare for the next battle. The Sabbat no longer has control of who comes into the City. They have also lost most of the city to the Ghoul patrols sent in by the Camarilla to destroy sleeping Sabbat during the day. The Camarilla have secured a few of the many entrance points into New York City. The Prince of New York has been working very closely with the Prince of Jersey City. However all is not well with the Camarilla... It seems that some Kindred have become hostile and very unreasonable. At one point the Primogen had to stake a Gangrel who was about to claw the Prince. The Tremere were ordered to investigate. If the Camarilla does not come to an answer to what is causing these random outbreaks of insanity all hopes to take New York will be crushed.

With all these problems that each side is facing there is one problem that all sides face, the problem of Kindred overpopulation. Normally their is one Kindred per one-hundred thousand Kine. If this ratio is not enforced then the Kindred of the city run the risk of being discovered and Kindred will begin to fight for feeding grounds as certain areas will no longer be populated by the Kine because of the amount of "Crime" in the area. Right now the Kindred population is anywhere from sixty to eighty-five Kindred in the city. There are only two-hundred thirteen thousands Kine in Jersey City. That means that there is only room for about two Kindred in the city. If this situation is not rectified the Kindred of all sides will find themselves hunting other Kindred for Blood.

The Independent Clans have gone secured their domains and their holdings. They have given word that if any Kindred who enter the Domain of another with the intent to harm or steal, that Kindred will be left for the light of the sun. It seems that they don't want to be caught in the middle of the conflict.