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Clans We Need

We have two very important characters that need to be casted for the next game. Both the parts are female characters and are both Primogen. If you have not played in a JMR Associates event and have played Vampire LARP's for at least two years please get in contact with us. We really need these roles casted. Players who have characters already are not allowed to play these characters, sorry.

Attention: We have tentatively casted both parts. New players can ask about these characters but at this point nothing is written in stone. If the players do not inform me soon as to these parts they will be up for casting again.

For the next event we need the following clans, the first clans we mention are the ones we need the most:

Gangrel, Malkavian Nosferatu, Toreador, Assamite

Keep in mind that we most likely accommodate you with the other clans that are in the game. These are the clans that we really need to fill in though.

Concepts are welcome however we generate the characters. Please only send in Vampire concepts, their are a few spots open for Werewolves but only a few. We cannot accept the following Clans/Blood lines:

Baali, Gargoyles, Daughters of Cacophony, Old Clan Tzimisce, True Brujah, Nagaraja, any of the Dark Ages Bloodlines or Clans that are not in Laws of the Night. Please feel free to send in a concept from the other clans that are available.

If there is a clan or certain character concept that you feel that you can play please send it in and let us know. We want to bring fresh ideas and plots in all the time. Just let us know what you have in mind.