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Path of Corruption


If the user wins a mental challenge the target does the opposite of the action that they were about to do, i.e. if they were going to attack they would now defend.
Change Mind:
You can now choose someone's demeanor. First you must win a mental challenge against the target. Then you can choose her new demeanor. This lasts for One Hour.


This allows you to turn your opponent unto a paraplegic, crippled from the waist down. In order to use this successfully the user must engage in a mental challenge and win, then spend a mental trait to activate. If the target has Endurance then she is paralyzed for 25seconds, Mettle 20 seconds, Resilience 15 seconds, and Aegis 5 seconds. If the victim does not have Fortitude then they are crippled for 30 seconds. Someone who is Crippled cannot walk. They must crawl on the ground until the effects wear off. They are also down Four (4) Physical traits in combat and may not retest with anything but Dodge if defending.


Corrupt Soul:
This allows you to change someone's Nature for the night. To do so you must win a mental challenge against your victim and then spend a Wits based mental trait and a point of temporary Willpower. You can choose any of the Natures from character creation or make up one with storyteller approval.

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