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This level of Potence gives the Vampire a Strength based Physical Trait called "Potent". This trait cannot be bid in a challenge and cannot be lost in a challenge. It adds to the total Physical traits.
It can only be used in re-tests of raw physical strength. An example would be arm wrestling, pushing against a door and someone is on the other side pushing against you, breaking a grip someone has on you or one you have on them. If the challenge meets the above criteria, then you get a free retest. This is the last retest and no more retests may called after a Might retest unless the other person has Might as well.


This level allows you to use the "Bomb" in hand to hand combat and melee only. This represents the ability to use your super natural strength to propel your body faster. Example: A kindred who has Vigor is in hand to hand combat with another kindred. The one with vigor throws a punch at the other, the kindred without Vigor goes to dodge. Since the kindred with Vigor can propel her body faster she can throw a punch or kick with such speed that the target is not prepared for it. This is not an exact. So at this level you receive the fourth hand signal the "Bomb". You do not need to tell anyone that you have the Bomb. With this level you do an additional level of Damage in hand to hand or melee combat.


This level does not allow you to win every physical challenge if you tie. It only allows you to win on ties if you already have a hold on them and they are trying to break away, or if you are trying to pull someone toward you (remember you have to have a hold on them in order to win ties). You can decapitate some one with Puissance if you win a physical challenge against your target however you are four traits down on the challenge and you must be using an edged weapon. You do an additional level of damage with this power.

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