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Hags Wrinkles:
By spending a blood point you may form pockets in your skin large enough to hide guns, knives, cash or anything else that can be held in one hand.
By spending a mental trait and touching a victim (Physical Challenge) you may corrupt and sicken their flesh. Every blood point spent after winning the Physical challenge reduces the victim's social traits by one for one hour. Because of the effects of this power, any physical challenges the victim gets in during this time reduces his physical traits by two.


Ashes To Ashes:
By spending a stamina based trait you may turn yourself into an indiscreet pile of burnt ashes. In this form you are completely unaware of your surroundings and immune to all forms of attack (including fire & sunlight) but you can only reform if a point of blood somehow comes in contact with your inert form. If you reform while in a separated state it is extremely painful and causes three aggravated wounds.
By spending a Willpower trait and two blood points then grabbing a target (Physical Challenge), you may shrivel a touched limb to uselessness, this causes three aggravated wounds. Shriveled legs allow the victim to crawl about at 1/2 walking speed only, giving them the negative trait Lame x2 and Crippled. Shriveled arms cannot move or hold items; victims with such limbs must bid an extra trait in any physical challenge. Withered limbs become useable again one hour after the aggravated wounds are healed.


By touching someone's aggravated wound (Physical Challenge) and spending a Willpower point you may cause a strange infection. Though the wound can be healed normally, the infection remains. You can now feed blood points mystically to the infected individual simply by spending a mental trait per blood point, no matter the distance. The infection can only be removed via amputation or mystical means.

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