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This page has been updated on 7/14/99

First, we wish to thank everyone who came out for Endgame! We hope everyone enjoyed themselves at the game. As we announced at the end of the game, we need your support if we are to continue running games. If you would like the game to continue, please let us know. We are here to help you, the players, have a good time, and your feedback is important to us. If you have suggestions, by all means, send them to us: Compliments, criticism (constructive, please), general comments, etc will help us to give everyone a better game.


The Chronicle deadline is months away, but don't put it off til the last minute. A more definate date will be added soon, but the sooner you send your chronicle, the better. If at the end of the game, your character was in "Limbo", it is even more important to send in your chronicle quickly, so the situation can be resolved. If your character died, we'd still like you to send a chronicle of what you did up to their death, as it can still have implications in the plot. If you need a new character, see below for further instructions. Remember to include what your character will be doing in downtime (if they are still alive). Your downtime plans will have an impact on plot should we continue to run the game.

When sending your chronicle, please try to follow these guidelines: Try to include your Chronicle as the text field of your email. If it is too large, or you need to send an attatchment, please ZIP the file first. The reason for this is that Hotmail and AOL (used by our staff) are not compatable when sending attatchments. They get messed up and no one can read them. ZIPping the files prevents this problem and makes everyone's life a little easier. If you are sending an attatchment, please use Word97 or a compatible format if possible (or, simply a .txt file) so that all staff can read it.

If you need a new character, contact the Staff. We will be accepting backgrounds and concepts, but don't even think about sending in your own stats. They will be ignored. If we turn down a concept, don't take it personally. We'll be starting almost from scratch for the next game, and certain concepts may just not fit with our plans for the game. Questions on what is or isn't acceptable? Ask us!

Within a few days, the "Write Us" link to the left should be fixed so that it will work for everyone, regardless of your ISP. You can still use seperate adresses if you'd like, but we will have a special list, so that you only need to type one address to Email all the staff listed below. Check back here for another update!

If you have AOL the "Write Us" link doesn't work properly right now. The following are the Staff members who must be included in all Emails:

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