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Table of Contents

Character Creation

Character Creation

Attention! The character creation form is NOT working. Please do not use it. Instead, just use the "Write Us" link to the left to send us your concept. Thanks.

Since we began running this game, we have received many requests that players be allowed to create their own characters. After much consideration, we have decided to allow this. There will, however, be guidelines that you must follow for this process. The main reason for this should be obvious: we can only allow certain clans and concepts that will fit into our plots and the overall theme of the game. We will do our best to work with players to make sure they get what they want in a character, but do not be offended if we don't accept your concept. It's nothing personal, we just need to make sure all the pieces fit together.

Here are the basic guidelines to follow when creating a character:

  1. The following Clans are CLOSED for concepts: Brujah, Gangrel, Tremere. All other Camarilla clans as well as clanless (Caitiff) are currently available for you to choose from, however, there are some limitations placed on numbers to maintain clan ballance:

    • Ventrue - Unlimited
    • Toreador - Unlimited
    • Nosferatu - Unlimited
    • Malkavian - 3 or 4
    • Caitiff - 2 or 3

    (Note: These numbers do not include positions already filled, or the positions still listed below)

  2. The following Clans/Bloodlines will not be accepted: Baali, Gargoyles, Daughters of Cacophony, Old Clan Tzimisce, True Brujah, Nagaraja, any of the Dark Ages Bloodlines or Clans that are not in Laws of the Night.

  3. The following roles are currently open for players:

    • Todeador Whip
    • Gangrel Whip
    • Malkavian Whip
    • Nosferatu Whip
    • Harpies
    • 2 Deputies (1 Nosferatu & 1 Caitiff)

  4. If you want to play an independent clan (Giovanni, Setite, Assamite), or Sabbat, select "Other" from the menu on the next page, and include the Clan in your concept. We will be particularly picky about any concepts for Independents and Sabbat, so make it good! NOTE: There are NO Sabbat characters at this game. Contact to find out if any independent clans are available.

  5. If you want to play a Garou, email John directly at to get permission before you even send a concept. Note: There will not be any Garou characters at the next game. We will let you know here when Garou are open to players.

  6. Do NOT send stats along with your concept. They will be ignored. If your concept is approved, you will then have to write a full background for your character. Once your full background is approved, the Staff will assign stats to your character. The better the background, the better stats you'll likely receive. (This is to reward players who really put a lot of effort into their characters).

  7. If you are writing a concept for one of the specific roles listed above, things work a bit differently. You MUST write a full background for your character. Be sure to include the role you want somewhere in the email. We will get back to you within a couple of days to let you know that we received your concept. However, to be fair to everyone, you will not be told if you will be playing the role until after ALL concepts have been received. Since the deadline is May 31, you will be hearing from us sometime in June. Depending on the amount of concepts we receive, it could take awhile, so please be patient.

  8. If you are sending us a concept for a character other than those listed above, you need to send us a basic concept first (see below for examples). After we receive your concept, we will get back to you within a couple of days to let you know if we think your concept will work. Whatever the case, we will give you further instructions: either to work on a background and stats, or to rethink/rework your concept a bit.

  9. You can also contact the Staff to request a character. If you don't want to write your own background, but are looking for a specific clan or concept in a character, drop us a line and we'll see what's available that most closely matches what you're looking for. It might take us a few days to search through our characters to find something so please be patient.

Following are 2 examples of concepts: one that would get approved and one that wouldn't. Keep them in mind when writing yours.


Clan: Toreador

Concept: Janine went to the New York School of the Visual Arts where she earned a degree in Graphics Design and Web Design. She caught the attention of the Toreador clan because of her ability to integrate classical art styles with modern media. She is now THE Web Designer that most Kindred go to when they want a web page. She has many friends in both the Toreador and Ventrue clans.

What we think when we read this: Good originality. The player's not trying to get an all-powerful character. It's a concept that will easilly fit into our game. We can already get an idea of stats this character should have. We know what influcences and contacts she would have. We'd then contact the player and ask her to write up a full background with more details to flesh out the character.

Not Approved:

Clan: Tremere

Concept: Gunther was embraced in the Dark Ages. He was among the first to settle in New York. Over the ages, he has discovered the fast way to get power. He is an infernalist. He tries to lure in other vampires to get them to serve his master. He will stop at nothing to see that his plans succeed and that his powers continue to grow.

What we think: NO WAY! Fisrt, Tremere hate Infernalists. If he were corrupted somehow, he'd have been discovered and destroyed long ago. He's trying to get a low-gen, high-powered character without working for it. He won't fit into our plots, he'd be way too unballancing to the rest of the game. We'd write back telling the player to write a new concept, and likely suggest they limit it to ancillae level at best.

So, if you think you're ready to begin, send us your Concept