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Table of Contents

System Changes

Path of Corruption

The Rules
The System



Silence of Death:
At the cost of 1 blood trait, you can create a zone of silence. Everyone within 20 feet of you, cannot speak or make any other noises. You gain the additional advantage of a one second surprise rule when employing this discipline.

Scorpion's Touch:
By spending one or more blood traits (max 3), and making a static mental test Vs difficulty of 7, (retest with medicine) you can turn the blood points spent for this discipline into poison. For each point converted to poison, you can drain a point of your opponent's Stamina. The method of delivery varies: hands coated with blood, worn as lipstick, coating a bladed weapon, or it can be spit up to 10 feet per strength point you possess (Potence adds 10 feet per level you possess). All of the methods require a physical challenge to hit the target (retest with appropriate skill, spitting retests with athletics).

The target resists in the following fashion: Perform a standard soak test vs the poison, lose on ties. Ie: the target has 4 Stamina. He is hit with 3 poison blood points. He gets two soak tests, and will automatically lose one Stamina based trait to the third poison blood point with no test. If the victim has Fortitude, they can never lose the trait Resistant. If the victim loses all of her Stamina traits, she goes straight into Torpor. All traits lost in this manner are gone for 15 minutes. The Vampire with this power can use this as many times as she has blood to spend. This cannot be combined with Baal's Caress.


Dagon's Call:
If you intend to use this power, immediately find a Storyteller or Narrator. To initiate this power, you must first touch your victim (physical challenge if in combat). Within an hour after the touch, you may invoke this discipline and the target's blood vessels will begin to burst. Invoking this power costs one Willpower Point which must be spent at the time of the touch. You need not be in the presence of the target, or even in line of sight to invoke this power. You must spend two blood and make a Static Mental challenge Vs a difficulty equal to the target's Stamina + Willpower + Levels of Fortitude. This does three levels of normal damage, which can be soaked as if it were Aggravated Damage. The next round, you may spend an additional 2 Blood to continue the effects of this discipline. As long as you continue to spend Blood, the target is affected.

Baal's Caress:
With the expenditure of a Blood Trait, you can coat a blade in your own blood. This blood coating enables the weapon to inflict Aggravated damage on an opponent. You may coat a weapon multiple times, each successful hit removes one blood trait from the weapon. You cannot combine this with Scorpion's Touch.


Taste of Death:
For every Blood point used, up to the maximum you can spend per round based on your Generation, one level of Aggravated Damage is inflicted on a target. The Vampire spits on the target, i.e. Physical challenge, using Dexterity based traits, re-testing with Athletics. The victim takes Aggravated Wounds equal to the number of Blood Spent by the Aggressor. For every level of Potence she may spit 10 feet further, she can spit 5 feet for every Strength Based Physical Trait. This cannot be combined with Scorpion's Touch.