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Table of Contents

System Changes

Path of Corruption

The Rules
The System



Eyes of the Serpent:
You can paralyze others with your gaze. Your eyes appear gold with large black irises, hypnotizing those with whom you establish eye contact. After making eye contact you initiate a Social Challenge. If you win the challenge your victim is paralyzed and can do nothing for as long as you have eye contact. Mortals, i.e. non-vampiric creatures (Werewolves, Mummies, Mages, Ghouls) halve their Social Traits when defending against this power. A Willpower point may be spent by a Mortal victim in order to try to ignore the affects, however, the willpower point only gives that Mortal another test. It is handled like a normal challenge but with no Re-Testing.

The Serpents Tongue:
With this power your tongue can grow up to 18 inches long and is forked like a snake's tongue. You can use this tongue as a weapon in close combat. If you make a successful attack your damage with the tongue is Aggravated and you can drain a blood point from your target. The tongue also allows you to sense things in total darkness with a Simple Mental Challenge.


Skin of the Adder:
This useful power allows the Vampire to become harder to injure and more flexible. By spending Two (2) blood points the Vampires skin becomes scaly and mottled. The Vampires skin plus the flexibility allows the Vampire to Soak Aggravated damage from the teeth and claws of Super Natural creatures. Soaking the Aggravated damage is a simple test. Further the Vampire's fangs lengthen and the mouth widens allowing the Vampire to inflict an extra level of damage when biting. You must have a hold on them to bite them. The Vampire is also able to slip through any opening that is wide enough to fit her head through. The drawback is the Vampires Appearance based Social traits are dropped to One (1). This affects the Vampires Social Trait total.

Form of the Serpent:
The Vampire is now able to transform into a 10 foot long Cobra and as wide as a woman's thigh. The Vampires weight stays the same. In this form the Vampire need not make a grapple attack to bite an opponent. This form gives the Vampire venom that is fatal to mortals. Creatures that are still alive i.e. Werewolves, Mummies, Mages, Ghouls are affected by the venom. It causes Blindness, Paralysis, and inflicts 2 levels of normal damage a round (that cannot be soaked) until the victim is dead or the venom is removed. The onset of this venom is instantaneous. The venom does not affect Vampires.


The Heart of Darkness:
This level of Serpentis enables the Vampire to remove their Heart. The Vampire can no longer be staked and the difficulty of Frenzy is lowered by two but not for Sunlight. After the Vampire removes her heart they painstakingly hide it. If it is ever found and destroyed the owner of that heart will be destroyed as well. The Vampire may remove the hearts of other Vampires. This takes several hours of surgery to accomplish and must be done during a full moon.