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Table of Contents

System Changes

Path of Corruption

The Rules
The System



Blood Mastery:
Blood means power and with this power you have control over those who's blood you possess. If you have One (1) Blood point of a creature you may destroy the blood trait and automatically win One (1) Challenge, with no re-tests, against the person who's blood you possess. The target of this power cannot spend a willpower trait to ignore the effects. No traits are bid on either side of the Challenge and none are lost.

Inquisition of Captive Vitae:
You can ascertain certain pieces of information about someone's blood by examining it. The information you can get is as follows: Clan, Generation, type of creature, diablerie (Up to one year), and physical nature. For each question asked you must have at least one Blood Trait (That is destroyed in the process) and you must win a simple test.


Theft of Vitae:
The only change to this power is that the Blood that you draw away from a Vessel (Vampire, Mortal, Vial and or container) goes straight to your mouth. Anyone that can see you sees this happen and it is considered an attack when done on anything but an inanimate object. When the blood enters your mouth it becomes your blood, meaning you cannot be blood bound by doing it to someone three times, it's as if you were drinking from yourself. No ill effects. Use of this power may be considered to be a severe masquerade breach.

Potency of the Blood:
This power allows the Thaumaturgist to lower her Generation. However it will only lower the Generation of the Thaumaturgist by Four Steps. Each drop in the character's Generation requires a Mental challenge and the expenditure of the following (Each Step is handled separately): One Step : Win a Mental Challenge Against 8 Traits, Expend 5 Blood Traits Two Steps: Win a Mental Challenge Against 9 Traits, Expend 6 Blood Traits Three Steps: Win a Mental Challenge Against 10 Traits, Expend 8 Blood Traits Four Steps: Win a Mental Challenge Against 12 Traits, Expend 10 Blood Traits For every hour that the Vampire wants to be at the desired Generation they must spend an additional 3 Blood Points. Each attempt takes 5 minutes.


Cauldron of Blood:
This fearsome power destroys the very essence of a Vampire or a Mortal. This power allows the Vampire to Boil the Blood of her victim. Unless the victim has been immobilized then to use this power requires skin to skin physical contact. In order for the power to work the user of this power must maintain her hold on the victim for two rounds. A Physical Challenge must be won to grab the victim and must be maintained. The wielder of the power then spends a number of Mental traits. For every Mental trait spent the victim loses a blood trait and takes a normal wound. These wounds cannot be soaked. If the Vampire's grip on the victim is broken before the two rounds expire then the victim only takes half the loss of blood and damage.