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New Players Guide

New Players Guide

So you want to play in the White Wolf's World of Darkness... Well before you start there are a few things to learn. First and foremost is this is a game. Nothing more. It is not to be taken personally nor is it something to obsess over. Now for the premise of the game... Have Fun!! If you are not having fun then maybe it's not for you. One last note... yes it is a game however there is no win or lose: it truly is about how you played the game. Please keep these things in mind when playing any Live Action Vampire Event.

Now on to the other things that pertain to the World of Darkness...

The world that the game is set in is a world of corruption, death and misery. It is a place where monsters rule and mortals are ruled from the shadows. It is the World of Darkness...

For over ten thousand years the Jyhad has raged on: The war between the Vampires for control of Humanity. The Kindred, as they are called, are descendants from the third mortal, Cain. The son of Adam and Eve and the first human being that killed another human being, his brother Abel. In killing his brother he damned himself in the eyes of God. In turn God cursed Cain for spilling the blood of his brother. The curse turned Cain into the first Vampire. He was to walk in the land of Nod never to return to the Garden of Eden.

The four Arch Angels visited him. Each had a separate part of a curse to deliver to Cain. After they were finished Cain knew only pain and loneliness. As he dwelled in the land of Nod he became extremely lonely. He decided that he was going to make another, someone to keep him company. So he embraced his future wife. Cain wanted more of his own kind to keep him company. So he embraced others. In time he noticed that others were embracing mortals and that this could become a problem.

So in order to solve these problems he made laws in which all Vampires would follow on pain of Final Death. The Traditions of the Camarilla vary from these original Traditions but only slightly. These rules were meant to keep the mortals in the dark about the existence of Vampires and to ensure that the population of Vampires does not outnumber the mortals. These laws were very strictly enforced for many years. However the different clans all had their own way of doing things. Clans started to war against each other. This was in direct violation of the laws Cain had made. Only thine elder has the right of destruction upon another Vampire. This law was broken and many others were as well. Cain saw the folly of his ways and left his children to fight each other. He was never seen again...

Time passed and civilizations came and went. The Kindred still fought and nothing had really changed. During the fifteenth century the church started the Inquisition. During this time many Vampires met with Final Death at the hands of mortals. All supernatural creatures were being killed in the name of God.

In 1453 a group of elders from clan Brujah, Gangrel, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Toreador, Tremere, and Ventrue formed the Camarilla. This sect would make it possible for Kindred to survive the onslaught of the Inquisition. It also laid the foundation for a new way of existing as Kindred. The Camarilla would use the laws of Cain, however they would be changed to better fit the new times.

The Traditions as they would be called are as follows:

  1. The Masquerade. Kindred shall not inform anyone, directly or indirectly, not of the Blood that they are kindred to do so forfeit's that Kindred's existence. To do so forfeit's the existence of all Kindred.
  2. Domain. The Elder of the city (Usually the Prince) shall determine Domain. All Kindred shall respect the Domain of their fellow kindred for they have the power over life and death in their Domain.
  3. Progeny. Only thine elder has the right to allow others to sire new Kindred. Anyone who sires without thy Elders permission shall be put to Final Death as well as their bastard Spawn.
  4. The Accounting. You are responsible for the actions of the Kindred you have made until they leave your charge. You are held accountable for their crimes. Their crimes are your crimes. Teach them well.
  5. Hospitality. When a Kindred Enters a city that Kindred shall present themselves to the Prince. When thou presents thy self to the Price you shall be recognized. If you are not Acknowledged then you are no one.
  6. Destruction. Only thy Elder has the right of Destruction. Any Kindred who puts another Kindred to Final Death will suffer Final Death. That Kindred shall be blood hunted, their Blood will become forfit.