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Table of Contents

System Changes

The Rules
The System

Players Packet

This is the rules system for JMR Associates. In this Player Packet you will find everything you need to know about the game and the mechanics behind it. These rules are for everyone, not just for new players. Please read them carefully. If you have any questions please feel free to ask one of the Narrators or myself.

The premise of the Event that you are attending is to have fun and interact with other people. Through this interaction you can accomplish your goals in character and make new friends out of character. It is always very important to remember that this is just a game. Nothing is to be taken personally out of character while you are in character. It's just a game. There are a few rules that all players should know before they play the game. These rules are meant to keep things safe while allowing everyone to have a good time.

The Rules

No Stunts

This means if your character can jump a fifty foot fence don't you try to do it. There is no running, tumbling, summersaults and things of that nature allowed while at the event. You can hurt yourself or others.

No Touching

Meaning that there is to be no violent physical actions made toward anyone at the event. If you want to grab their character then make a physical challenge, do not grab another player or do anything that would be remotely considered a violent act. If you think it might be questionable just don't do it.

No Weapons

Weapons of any kind are not tolerated at any event. Anything that can be used to hurt someone out of game is forbidden. Even if it is a reasonable facsimile of a weapon it is not allowed in the game. Index cards represent all items and weapons. If any player is found carrying a weapon while at an event that player will be ejected from the game. This is not a joke. We take this very seriously.

No Drugs

No illegal drugs are allowed at the game. Alcohol as well is not allowed in the game. If a player becomes intoxicated during an event that player will be asked to leave and will not be invited to the next event. If a player is high during an event they will be asked to leave and never return. If someone comes to an event to deal or purchase illegal drugs they will be ejected from the game and the police will be called. I will press charges. Drugs and alcohol use at the game promotes that we are some kind of cult or gang that gets drunk and high while pretending that we are vampires. This is not the case and it will not be tolerated.

If at any time a player or narrator breaks these rules that person or persons will be ejected from the game and never invited back to another JMR Associates event. I cannot stress this enough.