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Table of Contents

Anatomy of a LARP

What is a Live Action Game?

A Live Action game is an event where all the players play characters in a setting chosen by the StoryTeller. You are the character and what you do or don't do has an effect on the game as a whole. Each character has their own quirks and personality. The most important thing to remember is that when you are in character don't break, try to stay in character as much as possible.

Each character is different and has a distinct personality that makes them who they are. During the course of a Live Action game you will interact with other players who are in character as well. Like you they have goals, personalities, and strengths and weaknesses. They also might be in positions of power that could effect your goals and situation in the game.

To sum up, you are a person playing another person with their own dreams, hopes, desires, nightmares, goals, friends, and enemies. It is up to you where the character will go, what they will do and how will they accomplish their goals. Most of all the important thing is to have fun. If you are not having fun then maybe this is not your thing. Just remember that it is a game and you are only playing a character. There are some lines that should be not be crossed and you as a human being should draw them if things get to be too much for you.

As a player it is up to you and the other players that determine what happens next. The role of the StoryTeller and the Narrators is act out the world around you and the things that you encounter. They help make the world that your characters live in a vivid and defined world and to help you with any questions or problems. The whole point of a Live Action game is to be able to enjoy role-playing a character you have always wanted to play and then become that character. The interaction between the players is what makes a Live Action event fun, interesting, and exciting. Granted a good plot and some twisted antagonists will add to the intrigue and depth of the game as well.

Each player is given a Character, a Background of the character and a list of Contacts. Contacts are characters in the game that your character will know. Not all contacts will be friendly or polite. Some might be your enemies or might be plotting with your characters enemies. Your Background tells you who your character is and what they do. It tells you of what they have done and what they have faced. Think of it as a peek into the life of your character. Of course it is almost impossible to record what the entire life of a character and everything that have done. However it is possible to give you as the player an overall feeling for the character and what makes them tick.

Toward the end of you background you will find a Current Sketch of your character. It tells you what your character has been doing recently. It also tells you who you work with and who might be after you. Finally, at the end of your character sheet are your goals. They are not in any order. Your Goals are the things that your character wants to accomplish. They can be as easy as getting the Prince's attention at the ball, or can be more long term like becoming a Primogen even though you were Embraced two months ago. Goals can vary but these are the things that your character is motivated to do.

I hope this answers some of the questions that you needed answers to. We will be adding more information in the hope that it will help you see how a Live Action game works.