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Table of Contents

System Changes

The System
Flesh & Bone
(Im)mortal Combat

The Rules


Experience is different for Vampires of different ages. Younger Vampires advance faster then those who are older. This is the experience chart, please make sure to read the explanations, they are very important. Note that you may only buy one in each catagory, i.e. One Willpower point, one Discipline, and one Attribute, when spending experience before the next game. You can buy as many Abilities as you have experience for. You must get in your chronicle to me in order to spend your experience. You have two weeks after the chronicle deadline to spend your XP. You cannot spend XP at the game. The average experience is 6-8 points, however, if you did a great job with your chronicle and roleplayed well, then expect more.

Max Willpower for Vampires 13th to 8th Generation is 5, 7th is 6, 6th is 7, 5th is 8, and 4th is 9. This should address any questions about Max Willpower. Note for Non-Vampires Only: If their is a power or ability that you want to spend experience on send me an E-mail and I will get back to you shortly. When the chart says next Level it means the following: If you have a 3 Brawl and you want a 4 in Brawl it would cost you four (4) experience points. If you have Dominate as a Clan Discipline at level 2 and you want level 3 it would cost you six experience points. The current Discipline level times three. In order to buy off a Negative trait it costs the amount listed for that negative trait.

For Vampires 1-250 years old For Vampires 251-500 years old For Vampires 501-750 years old
Attributes 3 Attributes 4 Attributes 5
Abilities Next Level Abilities Current Rating x 2 Abilities Current Rating x 3
New Ability 3 New Ability 4 New Ability 5
Clan Discipline Current Rating x3 Clan Discipline Current Rating x 3 Clan Discipline Current Rating x 4
Non-Clan Discipline Current Rating x 4 Non-Clan Discipline Current Rating x 4 Non-Clan Discipline Current Rating x 5
New Discipline 5 New Discipline 6 New Discipline 7
Willpower Next Level Willpower Next Level Willpower Next Level
Negative Traits 4 Negative Traits 6 Negative Traits 6