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Table of Contents

System Changes

The System
Flesh & Bone
(Im)mortal Combat

The Rules




When you lose a Mental or Social challenge you can spend a Willpower trait to ignore the results. However if it was Dominate that was used you can only spend Willpower to ignore the results if you are of the same Generation. Dominate can only be used on kindred of identical or weaker generation. If you are not than you can only spend one Willpower trait to retest the challenge that you lost. If you spend a Willpower trait in this way it is the last challenge, the aggressor and the defender cannot retest after the challenge. You can also spend A point of Willpower to ignore wound penalties for a challenge. Any Social or Mental powers other than dominate (Thaumaturgy not included) that are used against a target are resisted in the following manner. You may spend a Willpower point to ignore the effects of the power if you are of equal or better generation. If you are of weaker generation, you must first win an additional challenge to spend the Willpower point. If you win, you may spend the point normally and ignore the effects. If you lose, you cannot spend the Willpower point. You can spend a point of Willpower to regain all your traits in any One Category (Physical, Mental or Social). One Category not all.

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Humanity governs how humane your character is, as well as how close they are to their beast. The lower the number the less humane and closer to the beast your character is. If a character's Humanity becomes zero (0) then that character is no longer under player control and has succumbed to their beast and is now unplayable. During the course of the Story characters will have chances to gain or lower their Humanity level through action or in-action. Players can only raise their Humanity with StoryTeller approval. No one else can raise or lower your Humanity other than the StoryTeller. You may not Spend Experience Points to raise your Character's Humanity.

Below you will find the Hierarchy of Sins. This is a list of the Do's and Don'ts of being on the Path of Humanity.

HumanityHierarchy of Sins: Moral Guide LinesChallenge
10Selfish thoughts.Static Social challenge Vs 12: lose on ties
9Minor selfish acts.Static Social Challenge Vs 11: lose on ties
8Injury to others (accidental or otherwise).Static Social Challenge Vs 10: lose on ties
7Theft.1 Simple & 1 Static Social Challenge Vs 9. Win or tie on Simple, lose on ties in Static
6Accidental violation (drinking a vessel dry out of starvation).1 Simple & 1 Static Social Challenge Vs 8. Win or tie on Simple, lose on ties in Static
5Unreasoning destruction (people and property).1 Simple & 1 Static Social Challenge Vs 8. Win or tie on Simple, lose on ties in Static
4Impassioned violation (manslaughter, killing a vessel in frenzy).1 Simple & 1 Static Social Challenge Vs 9. Win or tie on Simple, lose on ties in Static
3Planned violation (outright murder, savored exsanguination).Static Social Challenge Vs 10: lose on ties
2Casual violation (thoughtless killing, feeding past satiation).Static Social Challenge Vs 11: lose on ties
1Utter perversion or heinous acts.Static Social challenge Vs 12: lose on ties

Note: If you ever fail any of these challenges, you lose the humanity point. There are NO retests allowed.

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Every Vampire has a Beast. When a mortal is Embraced, part of their blessing/curse is the Beast within. Just like in mortals, Vampires have a fuse and if something happens to light this fuse, that person loses control. In Vampires, this fuse is known as The Beast. Think of the angriest you've seen anyone you know, then multiply it times 10. That's a simple frenzy for Vampires. Below you will find a list of stimuli that might provoke a Vampire to Frenzy. When a character is in Frenzy, they gain 3 traits to resist the disciplines of Presence, Dominate and Serpentis. While in Frenzy, you also ignore wound penalties until incapacitated.

Self-Control is equal to your Willpower x2. I.e.: If you have 3 Willpower, you have a 6 Self Control for the tests. This only applies to the challenges for frenzy, you do not have this willpower to spend. It does not exist. Several things can contribute to increasing your difficulty in the tests below: Anyone with the Mental trait Violent, The derangement Crimson Rage or any member of the Brujah clan is at a +1 difficulty. Note: These penalties are cumulative. If you are a Brujah with Violent and have Crimson Rage, all difficulties are at +3.

Smell of Blood (when hungry)Static Self-Control Test Vs 3 (difficulty may vary)
Sight of Blood (when hungry)Static Self-Control Test Vs 4 (difficulty may vary)
Being HarassedStatic Self-Control Test Vs 4
Life threatening situationStatic Self-Control Test Vs 4
Malicious tauntsStatic Self-Control Test Vs 4
Physical ProvocationStatic Self-Control Test Vs 6
Taste of Blood (when hungry)Static Self-Control Test Vs 6 (difficulty may vary)
Loved one in dangerStatic Self-Control Test Vs 7
Outright humiliationStatic Self-Control Test Vs 8

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There are few things that can kill a Vampire. And though some Kindred claim to loathe their immortality, there are certain sources of injury that frighten all Vampires. Sunlight and fire can bring about a panicked fight or flight mentality. While under the spell of this, a Vampire flees in blind panic from the source of their fear, frantically lashing out at anything in their way regardless of any personal attachments or affiliations. The table below summarizes the effects of uncontrolled stimuli on the Vampire.

Lighting a cigaretteStatic Self-Control Test Vs 3
Sight of a torchStatic Self-Control Test Vs 5
BonfireStatic Self-Control Test Vs 6
Obscured SunlightStatic Self-Control Test Vs 7
Being burnedStatic Self-Control Test Vs 7
Direct SunlightStatic Self-Control Test Vs 8
Trapped in a burning buildingStatic Self-Control Test Vs 9

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All vampires can spend blood traits to increase their physical traits. Vampires from 13th to 8th Generation may spend Three Blood points a round for Disciplines and physical traits. After that a Vampire may spend more blood traits equal to the number of traits in their stamina score. Note that if this is done the Vampire can only spend One blood trait on the next round. This represents the fact that your body, even though Vampiric is still flesh and can only take some much blood being used at one time. This is for dire situations only, Players be advised that doing this will put your character at a disadvantage.

Another important use for blood is to heal damage that has been inflicted upon your character. One Blood point will heal One Health Level of Normal Damage. To heal Aggravated Damage, you must spend Five Blood points for the first level of Aggravated Damage. To heal any additional Aggravated Damage you must spend Five more blood and One Willpower point per level Of Aggravated Damage you wish to heal. This is extremely taxing to even the Vampiric system, and healing more than 2 levels in one night will put your character at a disadvantage.

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