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Table of Contents

System Changes

The System
Flesh & Bone
(Im)mortal Combat

The Rules

Flesh and Bone: Influences

Bureaucracy | Church | Entertainment | Finance | Health | Industry | Legal | Media
Occult | Police | Politics | Street | Technology | Transportation | Underworld | University


  1. Customer Service Agent
    • Trace utility bills*
  2. Clerk at the DMV/Utility Company
    • Acquire an authentic fake driver's license
    • Disconnect utilities from a small residence ++
    • Get public aid ($250)
  3. County Clerk's Office/Utility
    • Fake birth/death certificates, passport or green card
    • Close 1 public school for 1 day ++
    • Turn 1 utility on a block on or off ++
    • Shut down a small business for a coding violation
  4. Utility/County Clerk
    • Initiate a phone tap ++
    • Fake land deeds
    • Initiate a department-wide investigation (non-police!)
  5. Dept. of Finance/City Zoning Board Member/City Department of…
    • Arrange or prevent an audit of a person or business
    • Rezone a city block ++
    • Start, stop or alter a city-wide program or policy
  6. City Government
    • Initiate a major public works program (a large park or office complex)
    • Shutdown a large business for a violation
    • Obliterate or obtain records of a person on a city and county level
    • Prevent emergency services (fire) from responding to a major disaster
  7. City Government
    • Force an entire neighborhood to build as you see fit
    • Collect taxes ($2,000)
    • Divert funding to your areas of interest
  8. City Government
    • Build or destroy small towns or suburbs (by cutting funding)
    • Control an entire city district (borough)
  9. City Government
    • Have a major building condemned and destroyed on short notice
    • Build monuments or stadiums
  10. City Government
    • Completely control one major aspect of city Government (Dept of Maintenance etc)
    • Rebuild major sections the city as you see fit

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  1. Altar Boy
    • Identify members of a church in the area
    • Pass as a member of the clergy at a church*
  2. Nun/Deacon/"Assistant" Rabbi
    • Identify higher church members
    • Track congregation members
    • Suspend lay members
  3. Priest/Assistant Pastor/Cantor
    • Open or close a single church (not permanently)
    • Dip into the collection ($250)
    • Access to private records and archives of church
  4. Senior Priest
    • Discredit or suspend higher-level members
    • Manipulate regional branches
  5. "Head" Priest/Pastor/Rabbi
    • Access ancient church lore
    • Use the resources of a Diocese
  6. Monsignor
    • Borrow or access minor church relics or minor sacred items ++
    • Identify church members with True Faith
    • Stage a "miracle" that gains the Unofficial approval of the church
  7. Bishop
    • Excommunicate a lay member of the church
    • Have a church marriage annulled or dissolved
    • Find an experienced church-associated Hunter
  8. Arch Bishop
    • Pose as a Bishop or other major religious figure
    • Nominate a member of the clergy for elevation
    • Stage a "miracle" that gains Official recognition by the church
  9. Cardinal
    • Create or destroy a major cathedral or temple within the city
    • Exert minor influence over national church policy
  10. Ancient Jesuit Priest
    • Exert major influence over national church policy
    • Discover the secrets of the modern inquisition

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Entertainment (Formerly High Society)

  1. Local DJ/Staff on a Broadway play
    • Keep up with current trends*
    • Learn about concerts, shows or plays well before the public*
    • Obtain hard to get tickets for shows
  2. Entertainment Reporter
    • Track most celebrities and luminaries
    • Be a local voice in the entertainment field
    • "Borrow" $1,000 as idle cash from rich friends
  3. Critic
    • Crush promising careers
    • Hobnob well above your station*
  4. Various and Sundry
    • Minor celebrity status
  5. Mr. Blackwell (& his list)
    • Appear on a talk show that's not about to be cancelled
    • Ruin a new club/gallery/festival or other high society gathering
  6. Gallery/Theater/Studio Owner or Manager
    • Own a small but influential theatre, gallery or film studio
    • Give someone their "15 minutes of fame" (1 level of fame for 1 session)
  7. Robert Rodriguez/Band Manager/Theatre Producer
    • Bring a major travelling concert or play to the city
    • Destroy the career of a minor celebrity (destroy 1 level of Fame)
    • Appoint anyone as a member of the city's elite social circles
    • Get your film shown at Sundance (or similar indie festival)
  8. Madonna
    • Make someone a minor celebrity (create 1 level of Fame)
    • Become a major celebrity (grant yourself 2 levels of Fame)
    • Get your film distributed by a medium film company (New Line)
  9. Elsa Klench/Gale Anne Hurd
    • Own a large gallery or theatre in the city
    • Make someone else a major celebrity (create 2 levels of Fame)
    • Influence nationwide fashion trends
    • Get your film distributed by a major film company (Paramount)
  10. Stephen Spielberg/Maxwell Sheffield
    • Destroy a major celebrity's career (remove 2 levels of Fame)
    • Own the central gallery or theatre in the city
    • Create a national fashion or trend
    • Get any movie made that you want++

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  1. Stock Broker
    • Earn money in the stock market (long term)
    • Learn about major transactional and financial events
    • Raise capitol ($1,000)
    • Learn about general economic trends*
    • Learn real motivations for many financial actions of others
  2. Investment Banker
    • Trace an unsecured small account
    • Raise capitol to purchase a small business
  3. Loan Officer
    • Purchase a medium sized business
    • Ruin a small business
  4. Bank Branch Manager
    • Manipulate a local bank (delay deposits, credit alterations)
    • Ruin a medium business
    • Purchase a large business
  5. District Bank Manager
    • Control an aspect of a city-wide branch (shut off ATMs)
    • Ruin a large business
    • Purchase a major company
  6. AmEx Director of Finance
    • Obliterate all savings and credit for 1 person (destroy 1 level of Resources)
    • Control the price of a minor commodity
    • Perform insider trading ($10,000)
  7. Dow Jones
    • Exert minor influence over local stock prices
    • Purchase a minor nationwide corporation
  8. Bear-Sterns
    • Control the price of a major commodity
    • Cause inflation or depression for a regional area
  9. Goldman Sacks
    • Siphon off all profits from a minor corporation ($100,000)
    • Own a major nationwide corporation
    • Exert major influence over local? stock prices
  10. Lehman Brothers
    • Create a stock market crash
    • Influence nationwide economic trends
    • Make someone an instant millionaire ($1,000,000)

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  1. Intern
    • Access a person's health records*
    • use public functions of health center at your leisure
    • fake vaccination records
    • get a blood trait
  2. Nurse
    • Access to some medical research records
    • have minor lab work done
    • get a copy of a coroner's report
  3. Resident/Health Dept. Inspector
    • Corrupt results of tests or inspections
    • Alter medical records
  4. Doctor/Health Dept. Director/Coroner
    • Acquire a body
    • completely rewrite medical records
    • abuse grants for personal gain ($250)
    • shut down businesses for "health code violations"
  5. Chief of Staff/Health Dept. "Head"
    • Have special research projects performed
    • have people institutionalized or released
    • institute a MINOR quarantine ++
  6. Blood Bank Director/Ambulance Dispatch
    • Cause a major shortage of blood in an area
    • Prevent ambulances from responding to a major disaster
  7. Board of Health and Safety
    • Contaminate the blood supply for one region of the city (ie lower Manhattan)
    • Locate samples of minor infectous diseases (influenza)
    • Institute a MAJOR Quarantine ++
  8. Deputy Commissioner of Health & Safety
    • Cause a major shortage of 1 type of medicine (penicillin, insulin)
    • Perform major or illegal experiments on a large number of people
    • Shut down a small hospital permanently
  9. Commissioner of Health & Safety
    • Contaminate the blood supply for the entire city
    • Shut down a major hospital permanently
    • Locate samples of a major infectious disease (anthrax)
  10. Regional Director of the CDC
    • Shut down all medical care in a city for an entire day
    • Direct genetic engineering projects

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  1. Construction Worker
    • Learn about industrial projects and movements*
  2. Construction Foreman
    • Have minor projects performed or halted
    • Arrange small "accidents"
    • Dip into union funds or embezzle petty cash ($500)
  3. Construction Company Manager
    • Organize minor strikes ++
    • Appropriate machinery for a short time
  4. Owner of a Small Plant
    • Close down a small plant
    • revitalize a small plant
  5. Owner of a Construction Company
    • Manipulate large local industry
  6. Owner of a Large Plant
    • Cut off production of a single resource in a small region
    • Attract a major industry to the area
    • Illegally dump large amounts of toxic waste without getting caught
  7. Local Union Representative
    • Siphon off company profits ($5,000)
    • Eliminate or start a union in any company ++
  8. Local Union Director
    • Arrange for a major ecological disaster ++
    • Fatally sabotage a major construction project
  9. Local Union President
    • Own a major heavy industry or construction firm in the area
    • Cause a major strike ++
  10. Jimmy Hoffa Jr.
    • Fatally sabotage an entire product of heavy industry or machinery
    • Influence nationwide labor movements

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  1. Lawyer in a small firm/Public Defender
    • Get free representation for small cases
  2. Junior Partner in a major firm
    • Have bail waived for some charges
    • have minor charges dropped
  3. Senior partner in a major firm
    • Manipulate legal procedures (small wills, minor contracts, court dates)
    • access public or court funds ($250)
    • get good representation
  4. Local Judge/Assistant District Attorney
    • Issue subpoenas
    • tie up court cases
    • have most legal charges dropped
    • cancel or arrange parole
  5. Senior Assistant District Attorney
    • Close down all but the most serious investigations ++
    • have deportation proceedings held against someone
  6. THE District Attorney (City)
    • Bring any investigation short of a grand jury to a halt
    • Force a guilty/innocent verdict on a misdemeanor trial
  7. NY State Judicial Commission
    • Appoint a state judge
    • Have a lawyer disbarred
  8. State Judge
    • Successfully sue someone for major damages (destroy 2 levels of their Resources and give it to yourself)
    • Force a guilty/innocent verdict on a felony trial
  9. State Supreme Court Judge
    • Control one of the members of the State Supreme Court
    • Appoint or fire the city's District Attorney (Politics!!)
  10. The State Supreme Court
    • Force a guilty/innocent verdict on a major or sensational felony trial
    • Change the interpretation of state or local laws as you see fit (Meghan's Law)

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  1. Local Reporter / Anchorman
    • Learn about breaking stories early*
    • submit small stories/articles (within reason)
  2. Famous Reporter / Anchorman (Lois Lane, Kaity Tong)
    • Suppress (but not stop) small articles or reports
    • get hold of investigative reporting information
  3. News Editors (Editor-in-Chief)
    • Initiate local news investigations and reports
    • get project funding and waste it ($250)
    • Access media production resources
  4. Local News Director
    • Ground local stories and projects
    • Submit headline news successfully
  5. Local Station/Paper Manager
    • Broadcast/report fake local stories
  6. Network News Director
    • Cause a regional media outlet to begin an investigation
  7. Walter Cronkite/Editor of NY Times
    • Destroy a minor newspaper, TV/Radio station
    • Write small nationwide stories successfully
    • Manufacture a major scandal (destroy 1 level of Fame)
  8. "Owner" of a Major Network/Paper (NY Times)/Radio Service (AP Wire)
    • Cause a national media outlet to begin an investigation
    • Kill national news stories before they get off the ground
  9. Rupert Murdoch/Hurst Publishing **
    • Broadcast fake regional stories
    • Destroy a major newspaper or Radio/TV station
  10. Time Warner/Direct TV**
    • Create a fake major national news story
    • Create a news blackout over an entire city

** TO achieve these levels, the player MUST have an 8 in three separate Media categories (TV, Radio and Newspapers)

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  1. A Wiccan/Druid or member of another occult group
    • Know some of the more visible occult figures*
    • Contact and use common occult groups/practices
  2. Owner of a small apothecary / occult shop
    • Know and contact some of the more obscure occult figures
    • Access resources for most rituals and rites
    • Access common occult tomes and writings
  3. Owner of a large apothecary / occult shop
    • Know the general vicinity of Hedge Mages or Mediums and possibly contact them ++
    • Can access vital or rare material components
    • Milk impressionable wannabes for bucks ($250)
    • Research a Basic Ritual (Tremere, Garou Only)
  4. Owner of a large, ancient occult book shop/Tremere Apprentice
    • Research an Intermediate Ritual (Tremere, Garou Only)
    • Access obscure occult tomes and writings (part of an alleged Book of Nod)
  5. Tremere Regent/Major occult leader?
    • Access minor magic items++
    • Unearth an Advanced Ritual (Tremere, Garou Only)
  6. Retired Arcanum Member
    • Research a new or unheard of ritual or rite from tomes or mentors
    • Create your own Basic Ritual
    • Found a local cult (1 level of Allies)
    • Learn truthful lore concerning Lupines
  7. Active Member of the Arcanum
    • Create your own Intermediate Ritual
    • Learn truthful lore about Wraiths or Spirits
  8. Hedge Mage
    • Create your own Advanced Ritual
    • Found a regional cult (2 levels of Allies)
    • Locate and bring a specific hedge mage or medium to you
  9. Shaman
    • Access legendary magic items (non-church) ++
    • Locate and bring a specific Lupine to you
  10. Indiana Jones
    • Locate an entire copy of the Book of Nod or the true lair of a Methuselah

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  1. Patrol Officer (Beat Cop)
    • Learn police procedures
    • Learn police information and rumors
    • have license plates checked
    • avoid minor violations
  2. Watch Commander
    • get "inside" information
    • find bureau secrets
    • get copies of an investigation report
    • have the police hassle, detain or harass someone
  3. Detective
    • Access confiscated weapons or contraband from evidence locker
    • start an investigation
  4. Detective Sergeant
    • Get money, either from evidence room or as an appropriation ($1,000)
    • have some serious charges dropped
  5. Captain
    • Institute major investigations
    • arrange setups
    • instigate internal investigations
    • have officers suspended
  6. Chief of a department (Patrol, Detectives, I.A.)
    • close down an investigation
    • Control one aspect of a large city precinct (homicide, dispatch)
    • Appropriate contraband or drugs from the evidence room
  7. 'Chief of Department' Joseph P. Dunne ++
    • Call for SWAT raids
    • Have free access to all police facilities
    • Have the crime lab "lose" evidence
  8. '1st Deputy Commissioner' Patrick E. Kelleher ++
    • Completely control the police department of a borough
    • Have people extradited across state lines
    • Have officers fired
  9. Commissioner Howard Safir
    • Have police chiefs fired
  10. **Must have at least Police 5 in all 5 boroughs**
    • Complete control of a large city's police network

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  1. Campaign Worker
    • Meet small time politicians
    • Have a forewarning of processes and laws
  2. Campaign Manager
    • Use a slush fund or fund raiser ($1,000)
    • Get your candidate into a minor office
  3. Lobbyist
    • Sway or alter political projects (parks, renovations)
  4. Senior Lobbyist
    • Enact minor legislation
    • Dash careers of minor politicians ++
  5. Borough President
    • Enact more encompassing local legislature
  6. City Comptroller
    • Block the passage of major bills
    • Suspend major laws temporarily
    • Use state bureaus or subcommittees
    • Enact major legislation on the local level
    • Get your candidate into a major local office (mayor)
  7. Deputy Mayor
    • Usurp countywide politics
    • Subvert, to a moderate degree, statewide powers
    • Destroy the career of a major local politician
  8. Mayor Rudolph Guilliani
    • Call out a local division of the National Guard
    • Declare a state of emergency in a region
    • Get your candidate into a major federal office (senate)
    • Enact minor national legislation
  9. Lt. Governor of NY
    • Embezzle taxpayer money ($10,000)
    • Engineer a major political scandal
  10. Governor George Pataki
    • Give major support to a national political candidate
    • Propose major national legislation

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  1. Homeless person
    • Have an ear open for word on the street
    • Identify most gangs and know their turfs and habits
  2. Hooker/Small time drug dealer (Shaniqua)
    • Live mostly without fear on the underside of society
    • Keep a contact or two in most aspects of street life
    • Access small time contraband
  3. Member of small gang/Pimp
    • Get insight on other areas of influence
    • Arrange minor services from street people or small gangs
    • Get pistols or uncommon melee weapons
  4. Leader of small gang/"Huggie Bear" (Pimp)
    • Mobilize groups of homeless
    • Panhandle $250
    • Can have a word in aspects of small gang operations
    • Get a shotgun, rifle or SMG
  5. Leader of medium gang
    • Control a single medium-sized gang (10-15 members)
  6. Slum Lord and Member of a Large Gang
    • Completely dominate all aspects of a housing project or slum
    • Mark a specific person who enters a "downtown" area for harassment
  7. Lieutenant in a Large Gang
    • Locate exotic weaponry (bombs, sniper rifles)
    • Start a small riot
  8. Leader of a Large Gang
    • Completely dominate all aspects of a "downtown" neighborhood
    • Control a large gang
  9. Shaft (Can ya dig it baby?)
    • Locate unique or customized weaponry
    • Mark a specific person who enters "downtown" for death
  10. The Reverend Al Sharpton
    • Completely dominate all aspects of the "downtown" of a major city
    • Start a major citywide riot

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Technology (*NEW*)

  1. Radio Shack Employee
    • Free access to the internet*
    • Be aware of current trends in technology*
    • Get a cell phone (activated)
  2. Mid-sized Computer Store (Babbages, Software Etc.)
    • Obtain the latest software and minor accessories for free
    • Get an outdated computer
  3. Manager of a large computer store chain (Comp USA)
    • Get a state of the art computer with full software
    • Have access to training classes (Get Computer 2)
    • Have access to 24 hour tech support
  4. Highly Paid Consultant
    • Gain customized designed software/hardware
    • Obtain security technology
  5. Local "Spy" Store
    • Obtain cutting edge security technology
    • Obtain surveillance equipment
  6. The Spy Store of London/Major Consulting Firm
    • Obtain cutting edge surveillance equipment
    • Have a corporate network (LAN/WAN) installed quickly
    • Obtain surveillance records (must have police 2)
  7. Hacker
    • Reroute electronic transactions ($10,000)
    • Obtain "secure" information
    • Crash a network remotely
    • Spread a non-lethal virus (Bubble Boy)
  8. Terrorist Hacker
    • Completely shut down a major computer network
    • Shut down a major web site (ebay, Amazon)
    • Spread a lethal virus (Melissa)
    • Shut down a major email network (Hotmail, Yahoo)
  9. Private Sector Researcher
    • Obtain next-generation technology in a field (non-weapon)
    • Institute research into the next-gen of a field
  10. Cicso Systems CEO
    • Set major trends for the technology industry
    • Research an AI
    • Control or disrupt e-commerce for an extended period of time

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  1. MTA Booth Attendant
    • A wizard at what goes where, when and why
    • can travel locally quickly and freely via public transportation
  2. Subway/Bus Driver or Airport Luggage Loader
    • Can track an unwary target if they use public transportation
    • arrange safe passage from mundane threats (sunlight etc)
  3. Taxi Cab Network (@5 drivers)
    • Seriously hamper an individual's ability to travel
    • avoid most supernatural dangers when travelling
  4. Subway Dispatcher/Traffic Controller
    • Temporarily shut down one route for one form of mass transit (The N)
    • route money your way ($500)
  5. MTA Inspector/Airport Security
    • Reroute major modes of travel
    • smuggle with impunity
  6. MTA District Manager
    • Extend control to nearby areas (boroughs) ++
    • Bar a person from entering or leaving a city via public transportation
    • Attract a major transportation outlet (airport) to your city
  7. MTA Director/ Manager of a Shipping/Trucking Firm
    • Isolate small or remote regions for a short period (1)
    • Halt all public transportation and cargo shipping to a small town
    • Siphon off profits from a small shipping or trucking firm ($5,000)
  8. NYC Department of Transportation
    • Bar a specific form of cargo from entering or leaving a city
    • Isolate a small town from any form of transportation (inc. highways)
  9. TBTA (Triborough Bridge & Tunnel Authority)
    • Cause a major transportation disaster
    • Destroy a major transportation outlet
    • Completely dominate one aspect of regional transportation (airplanes, shipping, trucking)
  10. Port Authority (NY/NJ)
    • Prevent anyone from entering or leaving a city via all forms of transportation (including highways) ++ (requires police 5)
    • Bar all cargo from entering or leaving a major city
    • Appropriate funds ($10,000)

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  1. Street Thug/Pusher
    • Locate minor contraband (knives, small-time drugs, etc)
  2. Mafia Soldier
    • Obtain pistols, serious drugs, stolen cars etc
    • hire muscle to rough someone up
    • fence minor loot
    • prove that crime pays (and score $1000)
  3. Mafia Made Man
    • Obtain rifle, shotgun or SMG
    • arrange minor "boost"
    • Have someone "tailed"
  4. Mafia Lieutenant
    • White collar crime connections
    • Hide out: establish a safe haven permanently
    • Protection money ($2,000) from local businesses
  5. Cappo
    • Arrange gangland assassinations
    • hire a hitman or firebug
    • supply local drug needs
  6. Senior Level Cappo
    • Locate exotic weaponry (bombs, sniper rifles)
    • Contract a professional hit
    • Make someone a Made Man
  7. Small Mafia Don
    • Launder money
    • Supply the drug needs of a large city
    • Get specific inside information from the police
  8. Mafia Don
    • Control the head of a small crime family
    • Locate unique or custom weaponry
  9. Major Mafia Don/Teamster Leader
    • Put a price on anyone's head
    • Start a mob war
  10. The Godfather
    • Control the head of a large crime family
    • Stage a public assassination, terrorist act or shooting spree (and get away with it)

Note: Anything over a 4 will likely attract the attention of the FBI. Use it CAREFULLY!

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  1. Registrar's Office Employee
    • Know layout and policy of a local college
    • access to low level university resources
    • get records up to the high school level
  2. Grad Student/T.A.
    • Know a contact or two with useful knowledge or skills
    • minor access to facilities
    • obtain college records
  3. Non-Tenure Faculty
    • Faculty favors
    • cancel a class
    • fix grades
    • discredit a student
  4. Tenured Professor/Student Organizer
    • Organize student protests and rallies
    • discredit faculty members
    • acquire money through a grant ($1,000)
  5. Head of Department
    • Falsify an undergraduate degree
    • Arrange major projects
    • free run of facilities
  6. Assistant Dean/Dean of Students
    • alter curriculum college-wide (1)
    • Falsify a graduate degree
    • Create a college class of your choice
    • Discredit the head of a college department
  7. Dean
    • Falsify a Ph.D.
    • Know a contact or two with high levels of Ability or esoteric knowledge
  8. President of the University
    • Appoint the dean of a college
    • Funnel university funds in your direction ($2,000)
    • Discredit the Dean of a college
  9. Moderate University Contributor
    • Direct an entire department to research a specific problem
    • Have a research assistant attached to your service indefinitely (gain 1 level of Allies)
  10. Major University Contributor
    • Destroy or discredit an entire college

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