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Old News

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Old News

This page has been updated on 7/5/00

At long last, the NEW and IMPROVED Influences System has arrived!! Please take a few minutes to check it out. All of the rules, and the Influences are included here so, get a head start and look over them now! (This system is so new that we haven't even assigned Influences to characters yet, so please don't ask what you have. If you think your character should have something, you can email us to REQUEST a specific influence, but they will be assigned by Staff based on your character's background and position.)

Also, we've added a new level to Presence: Awe (Level 1). Here's how it works: It acts as Entrancement, but on MORTALS ONLY. It also grants you a +1 Social Trait to Charisma. If you already had Presence, we've added Awe to your character sheet. If you have a new character, please include Awe as the first level of Presence. (If you've already sent in finished stats, we'll add it for you.) The full description isn't listed here, since Presence hasn't changed from the Mind's Eye book other than this addition. The rules will be handed out with your character at the game.

Have XP to spend, but don't know how to spend it, or on what? Check out our Experience Spending Chart to learn how.

Reserved you room at the hotel and got a character for the game but don't know how to get to there? We've now added Directions to the hotel. If you're coming from somewhere other than those places listed on this page, please email Donna for help.

One more thing...Don't forget to reserve your room! The deadline to reserve your room at our special rate has been extended to July 21, 2000. Give a big thanks to Donna, our coordinator for getting this extension. If you reserve a room later than that, we cannot guarantee that you will get the JMR discount. The game will be the weekend of August 4-6, 2000. The game will be held at the Hilton Parsippany in Parsippany New Jersey. Room rates are $75 a night for up to a quad, and the game is $25 for tri-state players, $20 for everyone else. Cash only will be accepted at the door. For hotel reservations, please call: 973-267-7373. Mention that you are with JMR Associates. If you have any problems getting a reservation, please let us know.

The Camarilla

The Kindred of Jersey City have fled. The Sabbat have taken the city. Those who have survived are now the guests of the Prince of New York. It is the day after. The refugees of Jersey City now have to find their way in a new city: The City That Never Sleeps.

With Manhattan predominately controlled by the Ventrue, and the Sabbat in control of the outer boroughs, domains are few and far between. The first priority of the Jersey Kindred is to find a haven for the next night and prey that the Hospitality and the patience of the Prince does not wear thin. However, old feuds and vendettas are not forgotten, and new enemies have already been made. All Kindred in the city must make changes, and the undead are not very fond of making changes.


Those not of the Camarilla or the Sabbat have been the hot bed of conversation in both sects. Some are now considered valued allies, and others are viewed as dire enemies. Neither side has taken action yet, but with the ongoing conflict raging in the outer boroughs, the Independents have few options: Choose sides, play each sect against the other and hope they don't get caught in the middle, or wait until the dust settles and take the city for themselves.

The Sabbat

The weak minded slaves of the Elders have been pushed into their graves. Thanks to the pathetic leadership of the misguided Anarchs, the Sabbat have bolstered their ranks. With these new "recruits" the Sabbat now have the means to launch a major offensive against Manhattan. The Vampires who escaped from Jersey City will now fall to the most basic of tactics: divide and conquer. With the Camarilla caught between the Sabbat of the outer boroughs and those in New Jersey, it will not be long until the area is once again in the total control of the true children of Caine.

Opening Moves

The board is set for a new chapter in the Checkmate Chronicle. Will the Kindred formerly of Jersey City accept the yoke of opression from the New York Ventrue, and pay homage to a new Prince? or will they continue the internal conflicts while their enemies bring down the city around them? Will the Kindred of Manahttan accept these newcomers after they allowed their city to fall to the Sabbat? The Independents have made no moves for either side. Where do their loyalties lie, if they even have them?

All Kindred will be affected by the outcome when these questions are answered. Who will be willing to make the first move? The most important move which will have lasting effects for all. Welcome to the Jyhad. Will you make the first move, or will it be made for you?


The Chronicle deadline is May 31, so don't put it off til the last minute. If at the end of the game, your character was in "Limbo", it is even more important to send in your chronicle quickly, so the situation can be resolved. If your character died, we'd still like you to send a chronicle of what you did up to their death, as it can still have implications in the plot. If you need a new character, see below for further instructions. Please do not send us any downtime plans, as there is no downtime. The next game takes place the DAY AFTER Jersey City fell. There is no time for your character to do anything but get to a haven and sleep.

When sending your chronicle, please try to follow these guidelines: Try to include your Chronicle as the text field of your email. If it is too large, or you need to send an attatchment, please ZIP the file first. The reason for this is that Hotmail and AOL (used by our staff) are not compatable when sending attatchments. They get messed up and no one can read them. ZIPping the files prevents this problem and makes everyone's life a little easier. If you are sending an attatchment, please use Word97 or a compatible format if possible (or, simply a .txt file) so that all staff can read it.

If you need a new character, contact the Staff. We will be accepting concepts until May 31. If you have a concept for a character that you'd like to play, go to the "Character Creation" section and follow the instructions. Or, if you'd like a pre-generated character, email the staff and we'll get back to you with what's available.

Site Updates

6/10/00 - Thanks go out to everyone who submitted concepts for the positions listed on the Character Creation page. Almost all of the positions listed there have been filled. If you missed the May 31 deadline, but still want to create your own character, you can still submit a concept/background up until June 30. The updated guidelines for writing your own character can be found on the Character Creation page.

The Official Chronicle deadline is over. Thanks again to those of you who sent yours in on time. However, as usual, we haven't heard from many people. As such, the chronicle deadline has been extended to June 30, BUT, you will only get 1/2 XP. If you don't send in your chronicle by the new deadline, then you get no XP and no updated character. Sorry, but them's the breaks.

Also, we'd like to formally announce that JMR is using Second Edition for most things. We've had a lot of questions about what, if anything, we are using from 3rd edition. So, here's the deal:

  1. Gangrel are still part of the Camarilla as per 2nd ed. We have no plans currently to run Gangrel as 3rd edition.
  2. Assamites and the curse: The only people who know for sure if the curse was broken or not are the Assamites...and they ain't talking.
  3. Disciplines: Most are 2nd edition, some are 3rd. Check out the rules packet for information on a specific discipline.
  4. Malkavians are 2nd edition. They have Dominate, not Dementation.
If you have any other questions relating to 2nd vs 3rd edition, please feel free to ask, and we'll get back to you. We'll also probably add more information here as people ask about it.

6/1/00 - The "Write Us" link, which was reported broken by several players has been fixed on all pages. It should now send an email to

4/25/00 - We are pleased to announce a new program for JMR Associates: The Incentive Program. What is it? Well, for every new player (they can never have played at a JMR game before) that you bring to the game, we will give you $5.00 off the cost of admission, up to a maximum of your total admission cost. (So, a tri-state player who would pay $25.00 for the game could get in FREE if you bring 5 new players ! A player from outside the area who would pay $20.00 can get in FREE by bringing 4 new players ! )

Why are we doing this? Two reasons: 1) We want new players! Manhattan is a must bigger city than Jersey City, and we need more Vampires. It's just that simple. and 2) We wanted to give something back to you, the players, as a way of saying "thank you" for your continued support of our game.

The way it works: Have your friend (the new player) contact us about a character. Tell them to include your name as a reference. We will keep this information on file. When you come to the game and it's time to pay, remind us that you brought new players and you get the discount on the spot. Pretty simple eh? If you have any questions, please contact us at, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

4/11/00 - We are pleased to announce a new feature for JMR Associates. We have created a mailing list to help us, the staff, get information out to you, the players, more easilly. Instead of emailing all 100+ players in mass mailings that others would be able to use to get addresses for other mass mailings, we now have one address that will send email to all of you without listing your email addresses. If you have received mailings from us before, you have already been added to this list. If you are a new player, or a returning player with a new email address, or who we've missed in previous mailings, you can add yourself to the list by using the link below. If you do not wish to be on this list for any reason, you can email us at to be removed at any time. Only staff of JMR Associates will have access to send email to this list. If you have any questions, please contact our webmaster at and he will get back to you shortly.

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4/11/00 - Attention! The form for submitting character concepts is not working. If you have sent us a concept using the form, we did not get it. We apologize for the problem (which appears to be Tripod's coding problem) and are working to fix it. Until then, if you have sent a concept, you will need to resend is by using the "Write Us" link to the left. If you haven't sent a concept, but need to, please use the "Write Us" link. We will keep you informed as to our progress. Thanks.

4/1/00 - The "Write Us" link on the left has been updated. It should work for everyone, regardless of your ISP. Thanks to the friendly people at OneList, we now have one email address for the staff that must be included in all emails. It is: But, just in case that doesn't work for some reason, you can reach the staff by writing to:

  • John (Head Storyteller):
  • Donna (Coordinator):
  • Jay (Storyteller): (*new address!)

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