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Table of Contents

System Changes

Path of Corruption

The Rules
The System



Sweet Whispers:
This power allows the character to speak with animals. The character can speak to animals at will but must win a Social challenge in order to speak with one that is enraged or an actively aggressive animal or to convince it to do something.

The Beckoning:
You can issue a compelling siren's song to nearby animals. Almost any type of animal ordinarily found within your current locale may be called, but you must declare what you are calling when you activate the Discipline. Generally, it costs one Social Trait to summon an animal, but a Narrator may issue a higher cost for larger, rarer or more unruly animals. As a rule, the summoned animal will arrive in 10 to 30 minutes. A card that should be prominently displayed can represent the animal.


Song of Serenity:
By reaching deep within the soul of an individual, you can tame his bestial nature or at least quiet it for a while. This is useful not only in calming your allies, but also for robbing a foe of her spirit and energy. To use this power, you must make a Social Challenge. If you win the test, Song of Serenity brings a Kindred or Garou out of frenzy. Furthermore, if used against an individual who is not in frenzy, this Discipline quenches the fire in his soul, making him weak and malleable. In this state, he may not spend Willpower and gains the Negative Mental Traits: Submissive x2. The use of this discipline lasts for the remainder of the evening or session. The Kindred may not use this Discipline on herself, and the effects are not cumulative.


Embrace the Beast:
This level of Animalism allows the user to tap the dark and brutal wellspring of power that lies in the souls of the Kindred, transforming her into a ferocious, unrestrained monster. While under the influence of Embrace the Beast, the character is not affected by Dominate or Presence. Furthermore, for the duration of the power, the character gains the Physical Traits: Ferocious and Relentless. The Discipline is not without its drawbacks, however. The character may not initiate any Mental or Social Challenges (except for Intimidation). Additionally, the character temporarily gains the Derangement: Crimson Rage. If she already has this Derangement, it becomes very active for the duration of this Discipline's use. It costs one Mental Trait to activate this Discipline. The Discipline comes to an end either at the end of the evening or session or upon completion of the character's first physical confrontation.