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Table of Contents

System Changes

Path of Corruption

The Rules
The System


Unseen Presence:
This power allows you to remain obscured and unseen even in crowds. You can walk about without being seen or heard, lurk while listening to whispered conversations and escape from dangerous situations. While this Discipline is activates, other players must pretend not to see you; if you choose to spy on them, they must continue acting normally, as if you are not there. To engage this power, you must cross both your arms in front of you, demonstrating your actions to everyone around you. As soon as you touch objects around you (other than walking around), talk to others or otherwise interact with your environment, you instantly become visible to everyone (uncross your arms). If you are moving, a Kindred with Heightened Senses will detect something is amiss, but must defeat you in a Mental Challenge to actually pinpoint your location and see you. In any case, you cannot surprise an individual with Heightened Senses by using Unseen Presence. You may attempt to evoke the "Fair Escape" rule with Unseen Presence by winning a Mental Challenge. If you win, you have slipped away unnoticed (watch out for characters with Heightened Senses, however). You cannot use this method of escape if you are currently involved in a challenge. *Using this discipline in front of others is considered a breech of the Masquerade.

Mask of a Thousand Faces:
This Discipline allows you to assume a completely different appearance. To adopt this convincing disguise, you may be required to assume new props and clothes, change badges, or use the appropriate hand sign to indicate your change in appearance. This Discipline is extremely valuable to the hideous Nosferatu. Characters with Heightened Senses can sense something is amiss about your looks, but they must win a Mental Challenge to pierce your projected veil. Because this power effects minds, it is useless against remote cameras and photographs (although a nearby witness will still discount proof if the Obfuscating individual is in sight). You possess one "instinctive" illusory disguise that you can adopt automatically while conscious. You can assume other disguises temporarily, but each costs one Mental Trait. While asleep, when in Torpor or upon Final Death, you return to your true appearance.


Vanish from The Minds Eye:
It allows the Vampire to disappear right before every ones eyes. In order to do this the Vampire must engage in a Mental Challenge with anyone Directly Looking At Them. If the Aggressor wins (The Vampire with this level of Obfuscate) then anyone that was looking at the Vampire forgets for 15 minutes that the Vampire was ever there.

Cloak the Gathering:
If you are trying to use it on an unwilling subject then you must win a mental challenge to cloak them and as a long as they are in eyesight of the person who has cloak then they remain cloaked. The moment eyesight is lost then the cloaked individual is no longer Obfuscated. Otherwise the power works the same as Laws of the Night.


Soul Mask:
What Mask of 1000 Faces does to the body, Soul Mask accomplishes for the inner self. Kindred possessing Aura Perception and Telepathy often become smug in their ability to unearth others' deepest secrets and personalities. You, however, have the ability to render those powers impotent. Your true nature is inscrutable. This is not to say that your secrets cannot be fathomed, but it takes a very dedicated and decidedly nosy individual to do so. A single Mental Trait must be expended for EACH piece of information about yourself you wish to alter. The types of information that can be masked are Nature, Demeanor, recent diablerie, emotional state, surface thoughts, type of creature and Derangements. Each of these "masks" must be recorded when the power is activated. The masks remain until sunrise or until you choose to change them (at additional cost).