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Table of Contents

System Changes

Path of Corruption

The Rules
The System


Note: The user of this power can see normally in their own Obtenebration


Shadow Play:
You may use existing shadows to hide your presence. By stepping into a shadow and crossing one arm over your chest you cannot be seen. Only those who defeat you in a mental challenge will be aware of your presence. This power can only be used in a dark or shadowy place.

Shroud Of Night:
You can now create an area of inky darkness. By spending a blood point you can blanket an area within your line of sight with a 10' diameter sphere of darkness (the diameter can be increased by 5' for every additional blood point spent). Every one in the area is blind in the darkness except for the user of this power.


Arms Of The Abyss:
You can summon forth tendrils from existing shadows to grab and restrain your enemies, so you can concern yourself with other matters. By spending One (1) Blood Point and performing a Static Test Vs. Eight (8) Difficulty. The number of arms summoned is based upon the characters Occult rating. Occult 1-2 equal One Tentacle, 3-4 Occult equal Two Tentacles, an Occult of Five equal 3 Tentacles. The Physical Traits of the Tentacles is equal to the characters Obtenebration rating. For example: If a character has an Obtenebration of Four (4) the Tentacles that are summoned each have a Four (4) Strength and a Four (4) Dexterity as well as having Four (4) Health Levels. You can combine the Tentacles at a Two:One Ratio for each extra Tentacle added. Strength and Health Levels only. Example: A Character has an Occult of Five (5) and Obtenebration of Four (4) (Three Tentacles total, Four (4) Strength and a Four (4) Dexterity as well as having Four (4) Health Levels). The character decides to make one big Tentacle it will have a Strength of Eight (8) (4, main Tentacle; +2, Second Tentacle; +2, Third Tentacle), a Dexterity of Four (4) and Eight Health Levels (4, main Tentacle; +2, Second Tentacle; +2, Third Tentacle).

Black Metamorphosis:
This power allows the vampire to become a monster hybrid of matter and shadow. To turn into this form the Vampire must spend Two (2) Blood Points and win a Mental Challenge Vs. 8 traits (retest with Occult). If the Vampire fails this test the blood is wasted and you must do a challenge with a Narrator or StoryTeller. If you fail that test you take Two (2) non-soakable normal wounds. In this form you have four Tentacles that extend from your body. You receive one extra attack while in this form. The Tentacle has Strength and Dexterity ratings equal to the Vampires. As long as the Vampire has a hold or is touching someone they receive one less soak test (They are down Two (2) Stamina based Physical Traits, this does affect their total). The Vampire also gains the ability to see in pitch-black darkness but not through other Obtenebration. Since this form is horrifying to mortals, they must win a Mental Challenge or run away in fear.


Shadow Body:
By spending three blood points and waiting 9 seconds you may assume the form of an indistinct shadowy blot. While in this form you may slither about walls and through incredibly small cracks. Though you are immune to physical attacks, you cannot harm anyone either... fire and sunlight though still do normal damage and are in fact more painful, vampires in this form go out of their way to avoid these two bane's.