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Table of Contents

System Changes

Path of Corruption

The Rules
The System



This allows the necromancer to look into the eyes of a dead body and see how that person died. By wining a mental challenge. She can also use this to see how a vampire was embraced. This also requires the vampire to win a static mental challenge but this time against the victim.

Summon Spirit:
You can summon a spirit providing that you meet the following conditions:
  • You must know the name of the spirit, although a strong psychic impression from Spirit's Touch will suffice.
  • The spirit can be that of a dead mortal or of an extinguished vampire. Neither living spirits nor destroyed Vampires who have reached Golconda can be summoned.
  • A person or object with some connection to the spirit in it's life must be present in the room during the summoning.
  • You must defeat an unwilling spirit in a Social Challenge in order to summon it. The spirit is not bound to remain any longer than one minute or one question, whichever comes first. However, if the spirit is willing, you can maintain contact for ten minutes.


Compel Spirit:
You can now compel a summoned spirit to perform certain tasks. If you succeed in a Mental Challenge against a spirit who has been summoned, you can force the spirit to perform one simple task or act on your behalf for one hour.

The Haunting:
This power allows the Necromancer the ability to leave a Wraith in an area to wreak havoc on the people who enter or live in that area. In order to do this the Necromancer must win a Mental challenge and spend a number of traits to bind the spirit to the area. For every Mental trait that is spent the wraith will spend an hour in the area before leaving. The Wraith will spend 24 hours for every Willpower point spent in the process.


Soul Stealing:
You can draw out the spirit out of a living body by spending one Willpower trait and succeeding in a Social Challenge. Once withdrawn, the spirit is treated like a ghost. You can then use other Disciplines to bind this spirit or cast another spirit in the now Vacant body (Providing that it's body is still empty) at the cost of one Willpower trait. In order to use this on any Supernatural (Garou, Vampire, etc.) the Necromancer must spend Two Willpower traits and win a Social Challenge (status does not affect this challenge, both parties use there Social Traits before adding Status). Otherwise this power works the same as it does on the living.